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Lone Oak Community Civic League Meeting Minutes

January 4, 2024

  1. The regular monthly meeting of the Lone Oak Community Civic League (LOCCL) was held on January 4, 2024, at the Lone Oak Community Center.  The meeting was called to order at 7:35pm by President Tommy Johnson.  The invocation was given by Tim Forsythe; Tommy Johnson led the Pledge of Allegiance.
  2. Treasurer’s Report – Mona Geer reported that Year-to-Date, we are $12,000 to the good.  R&B sales brought in just under $34,000 in 2023.  Bingo proceeds during 1Q23 were $4,600.  Tommy also mentioned an anonymous donation in the amount of $5,000 was made in December.  The motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report was made by Mark Kirkpatrick and seconded by Wayne Clemons.
  3. Secretary’s Report – Tommy stated that the minutes from our October meeting have been ratified by the Board and are posted online.  Tommy also thanked everyone who participated in the Christmas Tree Lighting (those who helped decorate the tree, the kitchen staff and other volunteers) and especially the entertainment!
  4. Reports
    1. Fire Department – There was no formal report.  The fire chief did state there were 133 calls for 2023 and a successful Christmas food and toy drive (47-50 families in our community were the recipients).  Tommy added that in addition to the toys, each family received a box of cleaning supplies, a complete Christmas breakfast box, and a complete Christmas dinner box.  One question from the audience about the number of volunteers who participated in the delivery of the Christmas boxes was answered by Tommy.  There were 10-12 participants.   
    2. Clinic – It is a very busy time for clinic right now.  
    3. Quilters – Pauline reported the quilters were doing good.  She also took the bread to the jail on 1/3/24.
    4. Library – no report
    5. Building Maintenance – Tommy reported we have lights outside, a large floodlight at street that covered the entire front of the building, new LED streetlight by the firehall at the north end of the building, and 2 lights at the front corner of the building.  It will be a tremendous help for our evening events.  We did get the new refrigerator/freezer in the pavilion, with the board of directors buying the second one.  It is currently on back order.  
    6. County Commission – The next meeting will be January 22, 2024.  Tommy reported that there is a light agenda so far.  Property taxes are starting to come in as well.  Interesting resolutions are coming, one being with the VFW.  More to come.  Planning continues in the property at the north end of the county.  Erlanger has presented a Letter of Intent for the new county ER room expansion and changes to the ambulance service.  Erlanger will be taking over the current ambulance bays to accommodate additional beds and offices.  The county bought some additional property that fronts Williams Street and will most likely be building a new facility for Puckett’s Ambulance service.  This is being pitched to Erlanger as a joint venture with the county.  The county will finance it through the Tennessee Loan Pool.  The lease payment will pay the county back in full, net zero cost to county, while increasing the services for our county.  The letter of intent should come back before the commission for review this month.
    7. 8th District Constable –  Constable Tim Lewis reported there was a total of 35 calls in November and 20 calls in December.  The subject of stray puppies came up and where they should be taken and the Chattanooga Humane Society would be the best possible option.  Tim also brought up an ongoing issue with teenagers ringing doorbells in the community.  If this happens, contact Tim or the sheriff’s department.
    8. Sequatchie County Sheriff – Sherriff Bill Phillips provided the report.  Several new hires are now in different phases of training.  One will be starting at the academy later in January through April and then out on patrol.  The K-9 vehicle should be ready next month, fully equipped.  The K-9 officer position is currently being advertised.  There is a selection process they will go through with assistance from the Project K-9 Hero organization.  Then, the county will be acquiring a dog with funds donated by Project K-9 Hero.  During the recent annual recertification/inspection for the accreditation of the jail, the jail passed all 5 categories.  There are an additional 20 categories of which 17 categories must be passed, the jail passed 19 of them.  They also received their check from last year’s accreditation.  Many benefits will come from these additional funds. A new program for the jail called Second Opp (Second Opportunity) is being considered to help give inmates training and skills to ready them to be released and back on the streets.  This program is currently active in 18 different states.  The sheriff is looking closely at this program, checking references to see if this would be a viable program for the inmates.  He is also looking at a program called Vivotrol that is designed to help inmates with mental health issues as well as drug issues who are ready to re-enter society.  Several drug busts, yielding large amounts of meth and fentanyl have occurred recently in both Sequatchie and Bledsoe counties with the help of the Drug Task Force.  The December Shop with a Hero program and other programs were a huge success.  There were 111 people participating.  The sheriff has started a new program in bringing dogs off the street and into the jail.  This is beneficial for both the dogs and the inmates.  The first and current dog is named Booker.  He was a stray that was found and brought into the jail.  He is well loved and will soon be adopted out.  The jail will be looking for the next dog to bring in.
    9. School Board – Debbie Adams provided a report.  The board had a working session tonight, 1/4/24.  Their special guest was the president of the county contracted architectural firm.  They are hoping to recoup some of the funds that have been paid out for substandard work.  The county school board was awarded the Board of Distinction with an article in the newspaper.  Another topic that is hot is the letter grades being assigned to schools.  Sequatchie was awarded a C in elementary, a C in middle school and a B in high school.  Overall, the grades were good and we were graded higher than Bledsoe County!  Another topic with some concerns is homeschooling.  Currently there are no required guidelines and legislation is needed.  Truancy is another concerns with homeschooling further confirming the need for legislation.  The backpack program for Lone Oak community kids is already on the horizon with Debbie applying for a 2024 grant from Walmart in Dunlap.  She has met the manager and is hopeful the grant will come through.   
  5. Upcoming events
    1. Bingo will be happening in January (Valentine’s theme), February (Mardi Gras theme), and March (Easter theme).  Looking for corporate sponsors as well as donations from area businesses for auction items and door prizes.  
    2. Easter Egg Hunt – will be held again this year in partnership with Signal Mountain United Methodist Church.  Date TBD.
    3. Lone Oak Day coming this summer to celebrate the opening of the new pavilion and to celebrate the community.  More to come!
    4. 127 Yard Sale – coming at us quickly!!
  6. Meeting was adjourned at 8:25 eastern.


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